Why ApiOrganica Symposium...

The inexorable degradation of botanic biodiversity, the increasing and devastating impact of industrial agriculture, the risky and widespread use of "life-killer chemicals" are the main and indisputable causes of the decline of bees' survival and production capacity.

Beekeepers are witnessing how bee colonies' life is amongst the most effective bio indicators to assess environmental sustainability linked to farming practices.

Beekeepers claim and support the need to implement a different, sensible and sustainable way of producing food (or nourishment).

Also, to safeguard bee colony health, the importance of techniques based on the biological cycle of host / parasite, together with a strategic assessment of contamination not just of hive products, but of all beekeeping matrices (wax, propolis, etc.), are being increasingly acknowledged every day.


Our objectives

The ApiOrganica - ApiBio Symposium aims at giving an answer to complex and important questions:

• Is organic beekeeping, and organic farming in general, distinguished from conventional practices primarily by its breeding and health management techniques, or is it the whole botanic environment which is really crucial?

• Which are the aspects that substantially differentiate the organic management of bees' health in the fight against Varroa and brood diseases?

• Are current legislation (especially the EU one) and organic beekeeping certification procedures adequate, or can they be improved?

• Which future shall we expect for the marketing of organic bee products and which are the opportunities for developing countries?

We expect the Symposium to be the opportunity to identify joint proposals that will lead us to a shared and final position on such issues.



1. Organic Beekeeping: environmental quality, GMOs and colony distinctive management

2. Colony health management: treatments and biotechnical methods
     a. Varroamite block and related diseases
     b. Brood and other bee diseases

3. Distinctive priorities of organic beekeeping: regulation and certification

4. Marketing of organic bee products

5. Organic Beekeeping: challenges and opportunities for Developing Countries

The theme that will connect all topics will be agro-ecology.

All sessions will be plenary.

The official languages will be: IT - EN – ESP







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